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The Modular Resection / Revision Arthroplasty system is a joint development of surgeon and engineer using a system of interchangeable components to restore functionality to a compromised limb.


Elite has produced a number of custom tumor prostheses for use by various reputable limb salvage units throughout South Africa. Elite’s longstanding resection design has rendered much benefit in the restoration of basic functionality in diseased limbs including patient amputation.


These devices have proven that the MR2 modular design has led to a user friendly system which offers intra-operative construction of a hip or knee resection device. The offering of cobalt chrome interchangeable components enables the surgeon to accurately model a custom hip prosthesis intra-operatively with a construct which resembles the unique physiology of the patient.


The MR2H is indicated for a variety of applications:

For more information on this product, please visit our: CUSTOMER PORTAL
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