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At Elite we pride ourselves in our vast product offering. From advanced tumour prosthesis to intricate cervical cages, we have the products to suit your needs. Our most comprehensive product range is our spinal implant range, followed by our arthroplasty and sports medicine range. 


At Elite, we offer not only our ready-to-ship product, but also provide own brand labelling and product development solutions. We have extensive experience in converting new-world ideas to tangible products. We also offer customized instruments and implants for patient specific applications.


In the medical device industry, Quality Matters.

Elite complies with Good Manufacturing Practice, and our Quality Management System is ISO 13485 certified through BSI 


Elite Surgical rose from a medical corporate transition at the end of the 90’s in South Africa. Originally founded in 1998 as a medical device manufacturer, Elite Surgical has achieved international manufacturing recognition through its’ contributions to Research and Development in Orthopaedics and through its’ compliance to the European CE, American FDA and ISO series of quality certifications.  We are a company dedicated to supporting the market with innovative, world class instruments and implants. We share our influential and hard-earned education through our excellent product offering. We are committed partners, who will do everything in our power to assist in your journey to providing the best in spinal and orthopaedic care. We can be counted on to act with integrity as ethical partners worthy of your valuable trust. We can be counted on to provide you personalized service at any moments notice. We are proudly Elite Surgical.


54 De Havilland crescent, 

Persequor Technopark,

Persequor, Pretoria, 0020

South Africa

Tel: +27-12-386-0012

Fax: +27-12-386-2745

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