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Elite’s Spine division offers a wide range of products that are shaped by the philosophy: premium quality products with ease of use instrumentation. From simple products like PEEK spacers to total cervical disc replacements and expandable corpectomy cages and accompanying instrumentation. Elite strives to continually to expand its product line with devices and biologics that are beneficial for the surgeon and patient alike.


Elite Surgical has a desire to create high-end products that improve quality of life and restore movement to those with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarhthritis. We provide orthopedic surgeons a premium-quality, patient focused solution for total joint arthroplasty.   Elite Surgical partners with key consulting surgeons to provide focused innovative devices. Elite strives to be an industry leader in arthroplasty solutions. Elite Surgical offers patients and surgeons alike a full range of primary and revision implants for hip and shoulder reconstructive joint surgery


Elite develops a number of products to help make surgery to knees, shoulders, feet, ankles , successful and less invasive. We provide products that allow orthopaedic surgeons to repair soft tissue tears such as the rotator cuff, the meniscus, and the hip and shoulder. 


A surgeons hands are his greatest asset, it's these same hands that know quality the instant that they hold and feel our instruments. Elite has built a sterling reputation, just as its built world class instruments for years. From complex knee instruments to a simple ratchet for lumbar spine surgery, we shy away from no project. We don't only build our own instruments, we've also handed over OEM instruments to happy clients with peace of mind. From colour coded spine sets to charnley hip retractors, Elite has the experience to grow your brand. 

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