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Biolign ACIF


>   Large bone graft / substitute area                

>   Variety of sizes in both diameter and height

>   Optimal post-operative control via                          

>   Titanium/Tantalum markers               

>   Basic, minimally invasive system, with simple instruments              

>   Serrated superior and inferior surfaces provide secure initial-seating characteristics

BioLign™ ACIF (anterior cervical interbody fusion) cage systems form part of a recognised surgical technique designed to correct the consequences of discectomy. Anterior cervical discectomy procedures are performed to remove pressure on nerves often caused by neck injury and/or disc failure. The BioLign cages are clinically proven to provide optimum structural stability, while creating good opportunity for bony in-growth, which is key to the fusion process. The BioLign ACIF’s design differs from the Osteoprost in that it offers a more anatomically correct design. The cage is inserted using a minimally invasive surgical technique aimed at keeping the disc space at a normal anatomical height. This technique fuses the vertebrae above and below the removed disc. BioLign ACIF cages are used in conjunction with a suitable cervical plate, such as the Ring-Loc™ and Roto-Loc™ cervical plate systems. *ASTM F2077-03

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